To help Building America fulfill its commitment to meet the needs of residents of low-income communities, it has appointed an Advisory Board whose members are particularly knowledgeable about these needs. Although the NMTC program requires at least 20% of advisory board to represent low-income communities, a full 75% of Building America’s seven-member Advisory Board are persons devoted professionally to improving the lives of low-income individuals and communities. Their knowledge helps inform Building America’s investment decisions.

The Advisory Board provides input to Building America staff and Board of Directors regarding the impact of its business activities on low-income communities, and it works with Building America to ensure it meets its objectives of serving the interests of low-income communities. In addition, the Advisory Board assists Building America in identifying potential NMTC investments and may gather information about prospective investments from community or civic leaders, government officials, businesses owners or operators, and/or the residents of the surrounding community.

The Advisory Board consists of the following members: