Building America’s track record of financing community serving space includes seven projects financed to date, containing approximately 458,000 square feet  of space. Projects include:  

•    90,000 square feet of student and community center providing job training programs, meeting rooms, recreation facilities, and food preparation facilities serving over 3200 people annually

•    A 30,000 square foot mixed-use facility which is home to a social service non-profit, a public health management corporation, a non-profit federally qualified health center and a pharmacy serving nearly 5,000 people annually

•    2 community based health centers with 103,000 square feet serving 33,000 people annually

•    2 comprehensive cancer institutes totaling 233,000 square feet serving 47,000 people annually

Caring Health Center - Springfield, MA

Caring Health Center - Springfield, MA

This 45,000 square foot development project tripled the size of the existing health center - the only community health center in the region serving only low-income families – allowing it to serve twice as many patients annually while offering a range of medical and wellness services. Capacity increased by 14,000 patients per year, with 52,000 more medical and 15,000 more dental visits.