Building America brings a unique approach to providing high quality construction job opportunities to low income community residents.  For each of the projects in which it invests, Building America will establish a link to union pre-apprenticeship and training programs designed to prepare low-income and minority participants for union apprentice programs and construction jobs.

Pre-apprenticeship programs are designed to ensure that trainees have the basic math skills and fundamental understanding of the requirements of a construction environment to enter union apprenticeship training programs. Programs are typically 4 to 10 weeks long and are designed to place participants into union apprenticeships.

Examples of pre-apprenticeship programs which Building America has supported include:

PROJECT IMPACT.  This pre-apprenticeship program established at the St. Peter’s University Student Center in Jersey City, NJ, a 2011 Building America investment. Project IMPACT (Increasing Minority Participation and Access to Construction Trades) offers entry-level pre-apprenticeship training for local residents, many of whom are immigrant and low-income households. The program is designed to prepare community residents to become apprentices in the Hudson County Building Trades.