Thomas J. O'Malley
Development Consultant
TJ O'Malley & Associates, Inc.

Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, AFL-CIO HIT  

As Development Consultant, Mr. O’Malley is responsible for developing multifamily investment opportunities for the HIT in the New England states. Mr. O’Malley, who is a Vietnam veteran, also heads the HIT’s efforts to finance development of affordable multifamily housing for former members of the military, with special focus on housing homeless veterans.

Prior to joining the HIT, Mr. O’Malley was Director of Community Investment Initiatives for the AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation, with responsibility for developing investment opportunities through the AFL-CIO Gulf Coast Revitalization Program.

Mr. O’Malley has spent over 25 years in housing and economic development. His experience includes 15 years at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, where he served as Director of Finance and as Associate Director for Housing and Community Development, and five years as Director of Development for Urban Edge Housing Corporation, one of Boston’s largest non-profit housing development entities. He later founded Thomas J. O’Malley and Associates, a real estate development planning and permitting consultancy.

Mr. O’Malley earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Political Science and Economics from Boston State College and a certification in Management Development from Harvard Business School.